Window of Opportunity

If we can just land this one, Mei thought, we’ll be off the ground.

Mei’s social media startup company was seeking to develop high-profile clients to promote its online mobile platform. They had identified a prospective client, a global consumer retail brand, that on paper seemed like the perfect fit.

Mei brought a few of her teammates to meet with the retail brand and explore a potential strategic partnership. The mood felt friendly, collaborative, and optimistic. While her team didn’t leave with any formal commitments, Mei clearly sensed the retail brand’s interest.

Following the meeting, a key decision maker from the retail brand (a marketing manager) privately approached one of Mei’s teammates. The marketing manager explained that he was looking to upgrade his iPhone, and asked whether the startup could provide one for him. As he made the request, the marketing manager also remarked that he was excited about the project.

The teammate immediately brought the request to Mei for review. Mei realized that this partnership would require more careful thought. If this is how they cut their deals, what else might be required to maintain this partnership down the road? And on what level should the values and practices of potential partners be vetted?

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Case Studies

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