Grow Healthy Path

The Grow Healthy Path offers a robust culture transformation methodology for organizations to grow healthy and stay healthy

Scalable and cost-effective

The Grow Healthy Path utilizes a cloud-based technology platform which can easily scale to organizations of all sizes. This model enables services to be delivered in a manageable timeframe and at the most cost-effective fees.

Leadership-led approach, team development

An Integrity Hub coach empowers senior executives to lead their own organizations toward health, transferring skills and developing teams with a learn-by-doing approach.

Innovative tools built on global standards

Building on globally proven change management methodologies, the Integrity Circle™ introduces 40 best practices to connect an organization’s inward core values to its outward behaviors.

Sustainable results

The Grow Healthy Path is just the beginning, and the journey to long-term culture change takes commitment. The Stay Healthy Path promotes lasting change through ongoing measurement and progress tracking.

A new standard of health

Organizations that complete the program will receive the Integrity Hub Certification, a reflection of the organization’s commitment to health. The certification is renewable each year through the Stay Healthy path.

Integrity Hub Certificate

Take your first step on the Grow Healthy Path today

An Integrity Hub coach will help you every step of the way.


Is this a training?

The Grow Healthy Path is not a training program. It is a transformation-at-scale program designed to help organizations identify and address high-priority concerns which are hindering performance. An Integrity Hub coach facilitates the process and the client organization uses Integrity Hub’s technology platform to stay on track in completing each step of the Path.

The technology platform enables a more efficient project management experience by providing the client organization with the following:

  • Detailed instructions
  • Communication and presentation templates
  • Surveys links and summary reports

What is the outcome?

Unhealthy symptoms are present in every organization. As these symptoms become more apparent, they lead to growing concern among organizational stakeholders. Left unaddressed, these concerns may result in negative outcomes which hinder performance. The Grow Healthy Path helps organizations to proactively address such concerns.

The ultimate outcome of a healthy organization is improvement in performance, which may manifest in the following areas:
• Employee Retention
• Employee Productivity
• Customer Service Levels
• Organization / Brand Reputation
• Revenue / Profitability

Who is this for?

The Grow Healthy Path is a transformation-at-scale program offered globally to organizations of all sizes and industries. It is best suited for organizations aiming to:

  • Prepare for growth and the next round of funding
  • Enhance health and performance across teams (virtual, geographic, cross-functional)
  • Increase employees’ sense of ownership over new or existing initiatives
  • Stabilize team performance through change and transition (e.g. mergers, acquisitions, new leadership)
  • Engage customers or key external stakeholders to improve performance (e.g. voice the customer, ESG)
  • Recover from a loss of trust (internal or external)

Which program is right for us?

The Grow Healthy Path offers three program options, each differing in duration and level of
organizational engagement.

Pathway 1: 6-week program engaging the senior leadership team to address internal organization concerns.
Pathway 2: 8-week program engaging the senior leadership and managers to address both internal and external organization concerns.
Pathway 3: 10-week program engaging the senior leadership, managers, and all key staff to address internal and external concerns, in addition to the organization’s impact on environment, social, and governance issues.

As a first step, we suggest you complete a free Health Scan to begin the assessment of
your organization’s concerns. We will review the results together so you can choose the
most appropriate pathway.

What's the cost?

The program costs are scaled based on the organization’s annual revenue and the size of the leadership team. Our model enables services to be delivered in a manageable timeframe and at the most cost-effective fees. Please reach out to us directly for a quote.

Integrity is a path.

It is the long patient quest of leaders doing the simple, right things day-in and day-out, and inspiring their organizations to do the same.