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Integrity Hub is a hybrid professional services and technology platform, formed by a global team of management consultants and executive coaches


Grow healthy organizations of integrity that live consistently to their vision, mission, and core values.


Enable leadership coaches to implement and scale integrity with their client organizations anytime, anywhere.

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Global Team of Coaches

Our team is composed of highly successful executive leadership coaches around the world who collaborate to help our clients grow healthy organizations and stay healthy.

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Howard Abe

Founder and CEO

The Story of Integrity Hub

Howard Abe spent twenty years in management consulting where he was named partner at a global firm. He left consulting to join a non-profit where he served for nearly a decade, until an organizational integrity failure led to its collapse. Witnessing an impressive organization fall apart inspired Howard to assemble the Integrity Hub team and partner with professional coaches to embed integrity in organizations around the world.

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Integrity is a path.

It is the long patient quest of leaders doing the simple, right things day-in and day-out, and inspiring their organizations to do the same.