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When the lead partners landed the big contract, it felt like a dream come true – an ideal match for their firm’s growing government practice. Their client, a government organization, requested the firm’s help to assess its country’s competitiveness in a particular growth industry. In addition to the assessment, the firm was tasked with designing both hard and soft assets to build a leading industry hub in that space.

In the project’s first week, the consulting team realized that the project was already well underway. Some of the hard assets and a high-level design for the soft assets were already in place. In fact, a few key industry players had already signed up as backers.

As the consulting team probed further, they discovered that several key assumptions presented to the key industry backers were completely unrealistic. When the team presented their challenging but objective findings to the project’s leadership committee, they were instructed to focus on building a case for the success of the project and not question its viability.

The lead partners and the consulting team found themselves in a predicament. The government organization’s attitude suggested a disconnect between its true motives and the stated objectives given to the consulting team. The lead partners needed to respond to the leadership committee with their next steps.

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The Integrity Hub helps organizations to grow healthy and stay healthy. With consent, we highlight real examples, keeping all details anonymous. These case studies highlight the importance of openly discussing organizational concerns. Having these discussions is a key step on the Grow Healthy Path, leading to increased resilience of your leadership team and staff and enabling the organization to perform at its full potential.

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