This is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for, Dante thought to himself. He decided to jump for it.

Dante was VP at a large, well-established transportation company. Senior leadership wanted to increase market share by broadening its product offering. Sensing the moment was right, Dante asked to assemble a new division dedicated to innovation. To his delight, the CEO agreed.

Before long, his new team had successfully launched several products and earned high praise from C-suite executives. Operationally, all of these products required some degree of technical customer support from his team. And yet with certain other parts of the business undergoing layoffs, the entire company was subject to a strict hiring freeze.

Dante knew his team members all embraced the idea of innovation. And yet as they sought to embody this value while supporting a growing portfolio of existing products, he noticed that some teammates were becoming overwhelmed. Employees began burning out, and transfers to other divisions rose significantly. Complaints began growing that the pace of work was becoming unsustainable.

Dante realized he was seeing signs of a deeper issue. As a next step, he needed to find the equilibrium between the organization’s core values, the team’s limitations, and expectations from senior leadership.


Case Studies

The Integrity Hub helps organizations to grow healthy and stay healthy. With consent, we highlight real examples, keeping all details anonymous. These case studies highlight the importance of openly discussing organizational concerns. Having these discussions is a key step on the Grow Healthy Path, leading to increased resilience of your leadership team and staff and enabling the organization to perform at its full potential.

Integrity is a path.

It is the long patient quest of leaders doing the simple, right things day-in and day-out, and inspiring their organizations to do the same.