The Integrity Path

Integrity Path Locator Assessment (old)

Every organization whether intentional or not has already drawn a moral and ethical circle around what is acceptable behavior and what is not. The question for every leader is how big a circle has already been drawn for your organization.

The Integrity Path Locator Assessment identifies your organization’s starting point on the Integrity Path through the lens of our integrity Circle best practices. The Integrity Circle is comprised of 6 high-impact integrity dimensions. The ‘accountability’ dimensions on the top-half of the Integrity Circle are focused on the outward layer of compliance which promotes accountability and boundaries. The ‘trust’ dimensions on the bottom-half of the Integrity Circle are focused on inward ethics which inspire trust in your organization to do the right things.

The Integrity Circle™

The Integrity Circle

Your organization’s starting point on the Integrity Path Locator reflects the overall balance of applying top-half (e.g., Outward compliance) and bottom-half (e.g., Inward ethics) dimensions of the Integrity Circle.

Where is your organization's starting point?

The Integrity Path Locator

Take the Integrity Path Locator free assessment to find out your Integrity Organization Score and starting quadrant. In addition, Integrity Hub will also provide you with summary insights on how your organization can progress from each quadrant onto the Integrity Path.