The Integrity Path

Integrity Path Annual Pulse Check

Following completion of Integrity Path Levels 1, 2, and 3, your organization can continue to check its progress and growth on the Integrity Path.

The Integrity Path Annual Pulse Check is a 2-week diagnostic applying the same tools and approach used in Level 1 to establish your baseline starting point. However, the Integrity Path Annual Pulse Check updates your organization’s progress made on the Integrity Path since completing Levels 1 & 2 or 3.

Annual Integrity Pulse Check following completion of Integrity Path

2-week Diagnostic

  • Integrity Best Practices Assessment (IBPA)
  • 360 Discovery
  • Follow-up interviews


  • IBPA Update
  • Tailored prescription
  • Integrity Hub Updated Certification and Member status

The Integrity Path Annual Pulse Check will enable you to update your organization’s progress against 30 global best practices across 6 integrity dimensions of the Integrity Circle. We will also compare your organization to the top performance quartile of all companies that have participated in the IBPA assessment for comparison.

Integrity Best Practices Assessment (IBPA) Results

Integrity Risk Best Practices Assessment (IBPA) Results

In addition to conducting senior leadership team interviews and 360 Discovery participation by your organization to ensure an accurate assessment, we will provide an updated custom report on where your organization should focus its efforts across the 6 dimensions to achieve the next level of integrity performance for the next 12 months. Finally, upon completion of the Integrity Path Annual Pulse Check, your Integrity Path certification status will be renewed.