Integrity Hub

Impact Fund (old)

One of the core values of the Integrity Hub is faithfulness.

We believe that part of Integrity Hub’s greater purpose is to serve and encourage other organizations to serve with a greater purpose.

We are committed to giving 10% of Integrity Hub profits to selected charities that serve a greater purpose. We require each selected organization to first complete the Integrity Path and successfully qualify for Integrity Hub Certification – Levels 1, 2, and 3 before funds are donated.

For accountability purposes, we also require each receiving organization to submit a summary write-up 12 months later on how they used the funds for impact.

10% of Integrity Hub's profit will be donated to selected charities


Note: Charities will also be asked to complete the Integrity Path before receiving funding

Gift of Integrity

There are organizations you believe in, have invested or even currently supporting because you resonate with their cause.

One way to be of great encouragement to the leadership team is to show your support through a Gift of Integrity and by paying for their journey on the Integrity Path or for Leadership Coaching. Your Gift of Integrity is not just a one-time act of generosity but will help the leadership team to embed integrity in their organization and grow a flourishing and healthy culture of shared core values and accountability for the long term.

If you’re interested in providing of Gift of Integrity to an organization or individual you believe in, please do reach out and contact us.