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Why Embed Integrity?

In short, it’s no longer a choice.
What do Luckin Coffee, Wirecard, Nikola, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Co, and Wells Fargo, all share in common? These companies have all been caught-up in business scandals resulting in more than 12 billion dollars in legal fees, lawsuits, fines and outstanding creditor payments. Integrity failures are too frequent, extremely costly, and result in significant damage.

About Us

What is the Impact of Integrity?

Embedding integrity impacts your entire organization’s ecosystem and focuses on building your organization’s most strategic intangible assets.  Embedding Integrity ultimately results in developing strong leaders, growing a trust-based culture, attracting and retaining the best employees, strengthening brand equity and reputation, and promoting investor and market confidence.

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How to Measure Integrity?

In today’s dynamic business environment, most organizations are measured on their ‘what’ over their ‘how’.  In other words, bottom-line results matter most, while integrity of delivery is secondary.  Integrity issues emerge when an organization is overly pressured to achieve results.  Integrity does not measure ‘what’ flows to the bottom line, instead it measures the quality of the ‘how’ the organization achieves the bottom line.

Integrity Hub Stories

Integrity is Not Always Black and White

In many cases, integrity decisions are not so black and white. When faced with ambiguous integrity issues, organizations with established core values and clearly stated boundaries enable their teams to make informed decisions.

The Integrity Hub works with many client organizations on the Integrity Path. With consent, we highlight some of the integrity challenges they have shared, keeping all details anonymous. The integrity challenges highlight the importance of intentionally drawing your organization’s integrity circle to guide day-to-day decisions on the Integrity Path.

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