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The Integrity Hub brings together a global team of leadership coaches on a mission, all focused on helping leaders and their organizations embed integrity. We have developed an innovative virtual leadership coaching platform and approach called The Integrity Path™ to help support our client organizations to embed integrity. We want to inspire and work alongside influential business leaders committed to leading their organizations with integrity, living consistently to core values, doing the simple and right things day-in and day-out, and inspiring other leaders to do the same.

Integrity Hub - Delivery Model

Integrity Hub - Delivery Model

Why Embed Integrity?

In short, it’s no longer a choice.
What do Luckin Coffee, Wirecard, Nikola, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Co, and Wells Fargo, all share in common? These companies have all been caught-up in business scandals resulting in more than 12 billion dollars in legal fees, lawsuits, fines and outstanding creditor payments. Integrity failures are too frequent, extremely costly, and result in significant damage.

Integrity issues are also closer than we think. Leading workplace surveys have reported that ~33% of employees polled in the U.S. and internationally have observed unethical or illegal acts in their workplace in the previous 12 months. In addition, the most recent World Economic Forum survey of 25,000 young “Global Shapers” between the ages of 18-35 years old across 186 countries found that the number one issue keeping them awake at night in their own country was “accountability, transparency, and corruption.”

Embedding integrity is imperative in today’s dynamic remote working environment. Not only are employees and customers calling for greater accountability, but investors, regulators, auditors, and boards are encouraging organizations to demonstrate integrity and focus beyond short-term profits towards environmental, social and corporate governance.

Embedding integrity is not about stepping-up compliance efforts and passively hoping to avoid regulatory and liability costs. Instead, business leaders should approach and embed integrity with the objective of investing in your organization’s most strategic intangible assets and growing a healthy culture of shared values and accountability.

What is the Impact of Integrity?

Embedding integrity impacts your entire organization’s ecosystem and focuses on building your organization’s most strategic intangible assets.  Embedding Integrity ultimately results in developing strong leaders, growing a trust-based culture, attracting and retaining the best employees, strengthening brand equity and reputation, and promoting investor and market confidence.

Embedding integrity begins by sharpening the organization’s mission which defines its purpose and by clarifying its unique core values which reflect the organization’s heart and governs everything it does. Aligning mission, core values, and authentically translating core values to clearly defined ways of working can powerfully impact the entire organization from HR and Finance to Marketing and Sales. Integrity also impacts external business partners, the environment, social, and corporate governance.

Below are just a few examples of how embedding integrity can strategically impact an organization’s core functions and capabilities, both internally and externally:

Opportunities to Embed Integrity

Opportunities to Embed Integrity

Embedding integrity can impact and transform every part of your business and every member of your organization. Are you ready to lead your organization onto the Integrity Path?

How to Measure Integrity?

In today’s dynamic business environment, most organizations are measured on their ‘what’ over their ‘how’.  In other words, bottom-line results matter most, while integrity of delivery is secondary.  Integrity issues emerge when an organization is overly pressured to achieve results.  Integrity does not measure ‘what’ flows to the bottom line, instead it measures the quality of the ‘how’ the organization achieves the bottom line.

Our Integrity Organization Score measures an organization’s health based on its ability to balance between a culture of inward (ethics) and outward (compliance). The word integrity is derived from the word integer, which means whole. An Integrity Organization Score of 1 reflects a healthy organization with a balanced approach to embedding integrity.

Integrity Organization Score Formula

For example, organizations who focus more on external compliance may look good on paper, but the reality is that compliance programs alone lack substance. Many organizations invest in compliance efforts just to check the box and lower their potential liability exposure without affecting any real behavior change. In this case, the Integrity Organization Score will be greater than 1, and reflect an unhealthy over-reliance on compliance. Instead, compliance efforts should go together with strong leadership, an organization’s mission and core values, and authentic culture of doing the right things.