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Integrity Hub is a global platform of highly successful senior executives and partner-level advisors from leading organizations and firms, who have made leadership coaching their primary calling. Our global team of leadership coaches bring deep expertise in business, education, government, and the non-profit sector. Below is our global team of coaching firms on the Integrity Hub, all on a shared mission to help leaders and their organizations embed integrity.

Global Leadership Coaching Firms


The Restored Leader

Asia Pacific

Asia Growth Solutions

BME Services

Lance Tanaka Group



Springbrook Partnership

Integrity Hub Team

Our Integrity Hub team is focused on providing the best experience for our clients on the Integrity Hub platform. We serve to impact our clients on the Integrity Path with excellence and faithfulness.

Howard Abe

Founder | Management Consultant | Leadership Coach

Joshua Chu

Branding and Website Development

Sharon Gan

Leadership Coaching Platform Design and Development